Enabling Email and Calendar permissions on Recruiterflow

At Recruiterflow, we believe in logging all the data by ourselves automatically so that you don’t have to spend the time to do so. For the same, we automatically log all the candidate communication across your team automatically.

To send and receive emails and send calendar meeting invites, you need to go to 'Permissions' under Settings and enable permissions.

There are two permissions to be enabled:

1. Send and receive email
Enables 2-way email sync.
Log all the candidate emails automatically on Recruiterflow and send emails from Recruiterflow using your official email id.

2. Manage your calendar
Helps Recruiterflow schedule interviews on your calendar, invite interviewers, candidates, and access to any resources that are configured in your calendar. 

Once these permissions are enabled, all the candidate communication is logged automatically.

Think of Recruiterflow as shared inbox now where all the team members are updated about what’s happening with the candidate.


In case you don't see a permissions window when you click on Enable Now, check your address bar and enable allow pop-ups from Recruiterflow and try again. 


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