How to define and use custom fields in Recruiterflow?

Custom fields help you customize the structure of the information you store for your candidates. You can see custom fields values in the candidate profile and Prospects page table columns. 

How to define a custom field?

Head on over to settings in Recruiterflow and over to the custom fields section. Click on the new field button. 

You can choose from following types of fields.

  1. Short text
  2. Long text
  3. Number
  4. Money
  5. Date
  6. Yes/No
  7. Single select (Choose one option from multiple ones)
  8. Multi-select (Choose multiple options from all the options)
  9. Money range
  10. Number range

Once you've defined the custom fields, you will be able to edit the values on the candidate profile page. You can also change the order in which custom fields appear on the custom fields page. 


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