How to setup job requisition flow in Recruiterflow?

Job requisition templates can be used to get approvals from someone in the organization before you open a job. These approvals are saved and thus a record is created for job open approvals and their conditions. 

To setup job requisitions, here are the steps you should follow. 

  1. Talk to support to get job requisition feature enabled in your account. There are no additional charges to access this feature.
  2. Go to Job Settings on the settings page. 
  3. Create a job requisition form template. You can pick different fields and their value type.  See the image here for reference. 

  4. Once you have created a template, it will be visible to you on the jobs page. When you click on "Add New Requisition" you can pick the template of the requisition and send it to a team member for approval.

  5. The approver will get an email to approve or reject the requisition.  The approver can approve or reject with notes that you can see. 
  6. All the past requisitions created are in the view requisitions section. 

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