Create a new job on Recruiterflow

Any admin or recruiter can create a job by going to Jobs page and clicking on +Create Job

 Job Setup section setups your job and hiring team.

This section requires you to fill basic details of the job and define the hiring team.

Job Title
Requires you to add the name of the position 


You can choose a department from the drop-down menu and just type the name of the department to add a department manually. 


Enter the location(s) of the job. The list is retrieved from Locations tab in Settings. You can also add Locations here. 

Choose whether your job is Contract, Full Time, Internship, Part Time or Temporary.

Job Description

Enter the Job Description. You can copy paste it from any file or link. It has the ability to add ordered list, unordered list, link and has various formatting options. 


Hiring Team

You hiring team comprises of Hiring Manager and Recruiter.

They are administrators to the job. They can see all the data and take actions on all the candidates in the job. This is a job level permission. If you donโ€™t see any user here, just add them in Users section in settings. 

For recruiting agencies, it's required to add the client while creating a job. They can also define who's the contact at the client managing the job. 

Once these details are filled, your job is created. Next steps help you get more candidates and structure your recruitment process. 

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