Scheduling Interview


Recruiterflow, once synced with your calendar (from settings) enables you to send interview invites from the platform itself.

All the interview scheduled from Recruiterflow, appear on your activity log and create tasks as per job role.

Invites are sent from your account.

To schedule an interview, click on the Schedule button on the top of the Candidate Profile.

If the candidate is multiple jobs, select the job and then select the stage for which you want to schedule the interview.

To schedule, an interview for a stage, you need to check the box 'This interview requires scheduling' in 'Edit Scorecard' section of the corresponding interview while defining the interview process in Job Setup.


If an interview requires scheduling and the same has been specified in interview scorecard, just click on Edit Schedule.

It opens up the list of interviews in the stage. You can add the interviewers, date and time. Candidates are added by default. If you have resources on your Google Calendar, they show up here as well.

You can choose if you want to send an invite to the candidate or not. 

After finishing up the section, just click on Save Changes and invite is sent!

Recruiterflow understands that after sending the interview invite, you need to send different instructions to interviewers and candidates.

You can email both candidates and interviewers after sending out the invite with us. You can define templates (in Settings) with custom fields which help you share Interview Schedule, Interviewer Name, Candidate Profile etc automatically.


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